Friday, January 2, 2009

tagged by FaE~!

1. What is your full name?

2. Names that people call you?
farah, dila, adi, fawa

3. Born date/place?
27 March 1988, Batu Pahat, Johor

4. Your fav colour and why?
luv all colours but the most is green~!

5. Quality you seek in a guy/girl?
understanding, loving, full sense of humour

Now, list . . .

1. FIVE of your fav hangouts and why.
my bed : tdo!!
my house : rumahku syurgaku
shopping mall : window shopping~!
library : studi2.. hehe
cinema :layan movie

2. FIVE of your fav guys and why.

abdullah: loving & high spirited father!
fikri: responsible bro
hanif: mentally strong bro
liwa-fren since i was a kid, caring n gud fren
mahathir- a great leader

3. FIVE of your fav things to do.

- gosipping
- sleepzz..
- shopping
- bedtime stories wif rumate,haha!
- jogging~! haha

4. FIVE of your fav tracks.
terima kasih cinta-afghan
im yours-jason mraiz

5. Go ahead, tag 5 people.
syamil-kalo ko rajen la

Next, describe . . .

1. Your phone.
sony ericsson.

2. Your bed.
if kt rumah- sgt selesa
if kt ostel- sakit badan saya

3. Your room.

4. Yourself.
happy go lucky,love to laugh =)

5. Your addiction.
eat n eat!haha

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