Saturday, April 18, 2009

i can't

today, 3 paper had just finished. 3 more to go.

sumtimes i don't know what happen with me. i dunno either it is a small or big matter. ya, sumtimes i feel 'oh, juz a small matter' and at another times, i feel 'oh my God, why i be like this?' i hate that feeling. i don't know why i still remember that! if that drama happen in front of me, i'll feel like want to run to somewhere else where i won't see them again esp 'dia'. why must 'dia'? xde org lain ke hah? and actually that is 1 of the reason why i reject the post which has offered to me. i can't, i can't. i don't know how to react when im in front of 'dia'. im sorry if i ignore u lately. juz because i can't. thats all i can said.. sorry and really sorry.. we have been gud friend for 1 year, and this things juz happen. so, i don't know what i can do. i juz being tough and realise this is juz a test from Allah as im being a grown up teenager to be a woman. ya, i always said to myself that 'this things' juz to make me more matured and know the reality of life --> love.


mahsuri said...

face brave deserve a better person..n rock n roll lu bru jiwang2.hik3

azi said...

ya farah....face it...u can do it!

we r at ur side!!


Farah Adila said...

mahsuri n azi:

yup.. im trying to be braver than before.. thnx! aku mmg rock~! haha