Wednesday, January 6, 2010


she is a girl
a girl yet to be a woman

she has her own story
which about LOVE
a simple word and its meaningful
is there any love from her heart to another?
not really
she don't know

she just spend her love to the special ones,
her family.


yes, sometimes it may come to her heart
in term of no good partner to be shared with
now she is a big girl
and she admit that
woman need man in her life
which can be her best life partner forever.

she keeps in her mind
a good partner is somebody u feel comfortable with

her love off course for HIM
HIM = The Greatest.


helena's said...

lagu ke ni..bestnye lirik dia..

Farah Adila said...

lagu?? no lah..

En iLham said...

bila tiba masanya semua akan datang sendiri fara.
kita sebagai manusia tunggu dengan penuh sabar dan tenang
janji Allah pasti tertunai..

Farah Adila said...

aku rse ko mcm ustaz la syamil. ;)) ya its true. what ever it is, Allah menentukan yg terbaik utk hamba-hambaNya.